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RedteaGO eSIM may help people add extra data immediately


It's almost the end of the month again, and in addition to all the end of the month bills, the mobile data is also running dangerously low. After all, with a world average commuting time of 69 minutes, the phone is our best friend to kill time. The consequence is, of course, your GBs. So, what will you do if you need some extra data to live through the month?

October 16, 2018 By Tania Braukamper(

Here are some obvious answers: “plan upgrade, or just get an add-on”. Well, I might give it a pass-mark since plan upgrade is usually followed by an explosion in costs for the next few months, and an add-on usually only valid for a limited time. data will expire as the monthly allowance is refreshed. It is OK-ish, but not ideal. What we are looking for is a much more flexible, cost-friendly network access service, which brings us to the third option — RedteaGO, an App based on eSIM technology.

Redtea Mobile, the world’s leading eSIM service provider, has launched RedteaGO, an App to provide its eSIM service. It provides you a wide selection of eSIM plans with global coverage at competitive rates. No physical SIM cards or mobile phone number registration required. All you need is a phone that supports eSIM. No bill shock. You can stay connected anytime and anywhere with RedteaGO, enjoying global coverage with local rates.

Why RedteaGO?

No contract required

● Handy one-off boost, no burden on future life

● The validity period of the plans is not affected by the calendar month.

● Enables the switching of network providers, simply find the best in terms of price and quality.

● No hassle with QR code activation, the plan is enabled straight from the app.

Support multiple payment methods

Is your iPhone compatible with eSIM?            

iPhone 11

● iPhone 11 Pro

● iPhone 11 Pro Max

● iPhone XS

● iPhone XS Max

● iPhone XR

iPhone SE (Gen 2)

Instant and dynamic access to the fastest networks across the world is easier than ever through Redtea GO. Start your journey from enjoying your new user privilege! NEW USER ONLY, try global prepaid plans for Just $1.

Entering “ESIM2YOU” as Promo Code to get $0.99 Credits. Or you can sign up with this link to Taste eSIM:

You can also refer your friend to register RedteaGO by sharing your referral code to get up to US$2.99 credits for each successful referral. Refer more, earn more!

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City, State, Country: SINGAPORE (138565)


Contact Person:

Tele: +86-13189762383


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